The Bangladesh Australia Hub INC.


The Bah


The BAH shall be non-political, non-profiteering, academic, research and community development organisation. The objectives of the BAH are:

1.) To transfer and share the knowledge and technology through action programs from local involved community members to Bangladeshi rural / destitute communities in order to enhance community sustainability and their socio-economic, health, environment and livelihoods.

2.) To organize and conduct (publish or recommend) policy dialogues, round table seminars/discussions and social weather survey / opinion survey on multi-dimensional driving forces: socio-economic-environmental, educational and political issues in order to identify problems and solutions involved people, society and community in Australia and Bangladesh;

3.) To liaise with Government bodies and other organizations.

The BAH Mentor:

Professor Dr Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad, Director, Dhaka School of Economics (DSoE), the University of Dhaka, and Chairman, PKSF (Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation or PKSF is a financial institution founded by the Government of Bangladesh to finance rural development and provide training and is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh.), Bangladesh.

The BAH President Dr Younus, Prof QK Ahmad, and Cariac Surgeon Dr Zakaria

Founding Executive Committee of the BAH (2019-2022):

  1. Dr Md Younus, Adjunct Fellow, the University of Adelaide, Australia (President)
  2. Associate Professor Dr Noore Siddiquee, Flinders University, South Australia, Vice President (VP).
  3. Associate Professor Eng Dr Mizanur Rahman, the UNISA, Australia (VP)
  4. Associate Professor Dr Salim Momtaz, Newcastle University, Australia (VP)
  5. Mr Syed M Aminur Rahman, PhD Scholar, the Uni. of Adelaide (Secretary)

Executive Members:

  1. Dr Mohammed Wazid, AMC Examiner / GP, South Australia
  2. Eng Dr Mohammed Haque, Senior Lecturer, University of South Australia (UNISA),
  3. Eng Abu Ahsan Siddique, South Australia,
  4. Dr Sabbir Siddiquee, the USA.
  5. Dr Mustafizur Rahman, Centre Link, NSW, Australia
  6. Mr Rafiqul Huq, CPA Candidate, South Australia
  7. Dr Julker Nine, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Adelaide University, Australia,
  8. Dr Raunak Rahat Konok, GP, Australia.

Currently, the BAH deals with:

Transferring the knowledge;

Publishing research;

Supervising research (Master’s to post-doctoral levels) at no charge;

Conducting policy dialogues and opinion survey;

Providing scholarships;

Providing health and education consultations.